Personalized, not templated, programs are tailored around your needs -

  • Goals
  • Current body fat VS muscle mass ratio
  • Current medical or postural conditions
  • Current musculoskeletal movement patterns

Exercise program would offer a comprehensive coverage of -

  • Techniques to improve joint and muscle flexibility
  • Exercises to strengthen weak muscles that are causing bad posture
  • Proper mobility exercises to warm-up your body prior to training
  • Progressive and safe exercises tailored to maximize your body's potential

Sports massage uses long strokes from the origin into the insertion points of the muscles, effectively relaxing and lengthening the muscles during the process. 

The strokes are then focused around the golgi-tendon organs (commonly referred to as trigger points), soothing overused and tight muscles. 

At a lengthened and relaxed state, we will apply static stretches and light resistance exercises to further lengthen tights muscles and restore postural balance.


The most important determinant in aesthetics training. 

  • How much carbs, protein & fat do you need?
  • What kind of carbs, protein & fat do you need while your progress in training?
  • How and when should you consume your carbs, protein & fat?

One gets stronger through repetitive muscular damage & recovery cycles. Nutrition plays a critical role in the recovery process. Damage done without the recovery potentially leads to muscle inflammation and joint issues in the long-term.

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