WHO of fitness

Now we know: – WHAT fitness is – WHY is it important for YOU to be fitter – HOW to get going – WHEN is a time that works best for YOU At this point you may be feeling lost, treading very cautiously into an unknown territory. You start by registering yourself into one, maybe five social media accounts and fitness forums. Then you start reading experiences of ‘others’ depicting their fitness journey. You read some more and finally find an article, or someone whom relates so well to your current predicament. “This must be it, let’s do this.” You […]

WHEN of fitness

This is a science backed article that tells you WHEN is the best time to workout. I’d also like to emphasize that our muscles are cold & less elastic in the morning. I can’t advocate more about foam rolling prior to your workout if you are exercising in the morning. And for the heavy lifters, working out at night with all that caffeine and pre-workout supplements is scientifically proven to affect your sleep and in turn your cortisol levels in the long run. So if you have the habit of working out at in the evenings, go easy on the […]

How do I get fit

*** HOW *** do I get fit? Now that you know WHAT fitness is, and have determined WHY you need to achieve fitness, let’s take a look at HOW to get started. One major limitation would be time. As it seems, we are so busy with work, we need ‘a life’ outside of work, we need to take care of our kids and the list goes on. I only have one response to that – When you trip and fall, spraining your ankle in excruciating pain, you don’t procrastinate and say “the pain can wait”, instead, you check yourself into […]

WHY of fitness

The *** WHY *** of fitness. “Why do I need to be FIT? I am contented being who I am and even satisfied more with the comfort food I am eating.” “I have different priorities in life, I have no time for exercise or to DIET.” If I try hard enough, I could probably recall a hundred quotes coming from people whom have been sedentary for the past 30 years of their life, yet still sitting on the fence, procrastinating and justifying the reasons why they should… or should not exercise and eat more sensibly. I have been a member/employee […]

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