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Thank you Alex!
Before (Weight- 75.7kg / Body Fat- 63.4%)
After (Weight- 49.6kg/ Body Fat- 42.7%)

Judy Lee, Accountant   

Alex is a very knowledgeable and dedicated trainer. He puts in extra effort and time to help his clients achieve their goals. He is always punctual and I appreciate his effort to assist me to squeeze in a couple more repetitions even if it means sweating out himself. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs personal training.

Before (Weight- 78.9kg/ Body Fat- 22%)
After (Weight- 72.1kg/ Body Fat- 15.7%)

Ang Wee Gee, Executive Director, Keppel Land   
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I had learnt much under his caring and patient training!
I remembered how I dreaded training sessions when I first started. I had bad knees and elbows, and they felt like they were breaking!
I was fortunate to have persevered under!

Yuki Hing, Accounts Executive   
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Thank you and really appreciate your effort Alex Feng!

Johnny Cho   
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Picture worth a thousand words


Before- (Weight-66.5kg / Body Fat- 56.6%)
After- (Weight- 39.2kg / Body Fat- 31.9%)

Josephine Low, Business Owner   

Morning Alex, I still can't walk properly! My muscles are killing. Sitting was also agony yesterday! Am hoping that I will recover today. But all good though! The good thing also is the pain in my shoulder blade is gone!

Amit was complaining of arm ache but in a good way also!

Looks like you will make us fit after all!

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at that! Sore is an understatement!

Thanks. Harbinder.


Alex is a fun and enjoyable trainer. I got the results I wanted through his experienced raining. My weight dropped from 95kg to 75kg. Thank you!

Nicole Lor, Accountant   

Being there to guide, advise, supervise, share, crack jokes, victimise, and many memorable moments. If i had not expressed my thanks earlier, take this as a token.

Be blessed, and happy. Enjoy while you are able to and share what you are capable of. And don't ridicule the sincerity of the author.

Note from JL.